Rcom PX R230 Pro reptile is an intelligent incubator with auto temp and humidity-120V
Part Number Reptile-PX-R230
UPC Reptile PX R230
Category Rcom Reptiles Incubators
Brand 110 to 120V 60Hertz
Model Reptile Egg Incubator
Availability Available
Electrical Cord Plug appropriate for your area
Electrical Frequency 110V-120V 60 Hrtz North America
Product Specs 
Warranty 2 years. Returned Shipping cost at owner expense. Assumes no responsibility for losses or damage from their equipment other than replacement of defective parts. No guarantee on hatchablilty of eggs. Do not expose electrical parts to water.
Condition NEW
ISBN No Rcom reptile incubator PX R230 Pro (PX-R230)-120V

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Rcom Px 230 Pro reptile is an intelligent incubator with automatic temperature and humidity-120V.

Rcom Px 230 Pro reptile is an intelligent incubator and hatcher with automatic temperature and humidity-120V.

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 Power: 110-120V 60H Cord for USA, Canada and Mexico

Rcom reptile PX 230 incubator main function

* Capacity: average of 230 eggs and varies by reptile species.
* Superior design with convenient operation
* Built-in outside temperature environment sensor adjusting volume automatically according to the outside environment of the incubator.
* Variable air vent that can make air control be convenient.
* Optimum air circulation technique with five high reliability BLDC fans.
* Automatic temperature and humidity setting and control.
* LCD display with incubation information and animation graphic design.
* Body locking device.
* Water level alarm function.
* Antiblastic humidification method by heating water, which discourages bacterial growth.
* Enhanced-glazed view window for minimizing the influence of outside temperature.
* Enhanced reliability by applying Swiss' third generation temperature and humidity sensor.
* Powerful SMPS application for stable power supply.
* The function of diurnal range (D.T.G.). It is a function artificially making the highest time zone of temperature by sun at the natural condition. Additionally, it is a function that can raise the incubation success rate of reptile by the optimal incubation environment by raising temperature at the fixed time zone.
* Temperature range: 20'-42'C / 68'-107.6'F. Accuracy +/- 0.5 C / +/- 0.9F
* Humidity: 40%-95% (It is possible to change according to the condition for lab research purposes).
Accuracy +/- 5%
* Maximum Electrical wattage: 120W
* Average electrical power: 65W
* Weight: 6.65KG
* Size: 633mmX523mmX171mm
* Fuse standard: 250V 2A

Useful Function
* Degree C / degree F interchangeable
* Built-in brooding compartment for convenient management
* Separate humidifier not required due to built-in humidifier unit within the device
* Warning & display function of abnormal temperature caused by ambient temperature fluctuation
* Incubation data memory and alarm function in case of blackout
* Easy attachment and detachment of double-glazed viewing window.
* Bottom body designed for easy cleaning.
* Micro chip with optimum incubation conditions according to the species of reptiles that are pre-configured for various reptile species and easily customizable for most other species.
* Safety cover applied for protecting humidification unit.

Sold Separately
* Egg candler.

* Maximized egg setting available with the universal egg basket.

Please, use non-fluoridated distilled water only.
Please, use an electrical surge protector.
Please, cleanup the machine well after each use to prevent bacteria growth.
We recommend that you use a separate hatcher to keep the incubator free from Bacteria.